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Seven Company Become a change agent in your community Diversity, Equality, and Inclusive Community is now At RCC, we are committed to helping you build a more inclusive and cohesive workplace, community group, network and organisation RCC diversity equality and inclusive community COVID-19 Updates All Race Council Cymru team are currently working from home but are contactable via our main number, [email protected] or the form on our contact page. COVID-19 updates will continue to be posted as they become available – please check the website and Twitter @rcccymru Get in touch with us


Race Council Cymru works to promote race equality, art, heritage and cultural activities for black and minority ethnic communities across Wales.

Race Council Cymru (RCC) was established in 2010 as an overarching umbrella body with the mission to bring together key organisations within Wales to cooperate on promoting integration, championing justice and race equality in institutions and society.

RCC engages with Black Asian and Minority Ethnic grassroots communities and works directly with the local authority, governing bodies and businesses to promote awareness of race inequality. We work to establish and facilitate channels of communication with minority ethnic and grassroots communities throughout Wales in conjunction with and on behalf of Primary Stakeholders, Welsh Government, Local Authorities and other such private and public bodies.


Working together to promote race equality, integration and justice in Wales

Race Council Cymru facilitates and manages events, projects and activities to support its strategic mission. The charity works with diverse ethnic minority groups and individuals across Wales to deliver the projects listed below. So far RCC’s work encompasses many successes including Black History Month, Windrush, Crossing Borders and much more.

Youth Projects

RCC supports BAME youth and has a representative in the Welsh Youth Parliament. The charity also, manages various projects such as Crossing Borders: Music and Heritage and National BAME Youth Forum.
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Youth Projects

Cultural and Digital Hubs​

RCC facilitates the establishment of cultural and digital hubs across Wales to encourage integration and support BAME communities.
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Cultural and Digital Hubs