Race Council Cymru (RCC) was established in 2010 as an overarching umbrella body with the mission to bring together key organisations within wales to cooperate on promoting integration, championing justice and race equality in institutions and society.

Rcc engages with bame grassroots communities and works directly with the local authority and governing bodies to promote the awareness of race inequalities; monitor the workings of the equality act 2010 as relating to integration, race equality and justice to assess its impact and identify areas for improvement.



We aim to work in partnership with our Primary Stakeholders and other appropriate bodies to promote Integration, champion Justice and Race Equality in our institutions and in society as a whole. RCC will work to promote art, heritage and cultural activities for black and minority ethnic communities across Wales – linking in with strategic bodies including Welsh Government and others, as well as grassroots black and minority ethnic communities across Wales.


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Our latest Job

Rhaglennydd Datblygol Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon // Black History Month Emerging Programmer

As part of the Black History Month Celebrations 2018 Black History Month and Wales Millennium Centre are venturing on their first collaboration in the Centre cabaret space; ffresh opening the Centre’s Performances for the Curious season this Autumn.

As part of the Centre’s Emerging Producer scheme, we are looking for an individual from the BAME community with a passion for the performing arts; music, theatre and comedy to work with the Centre’s programming team to programme three evenings in ffresh, to work with our communications teams to promote these events and to promote through your own networks (social media, friends, family, colleagues, etc.)