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Race Council Cymru facilitates and manages events, projects and activities to support its strategic mission. The charity works with diverse ethnic minority groups and individuals across Wales to deliver the projects listed below. So far RCC’s work encompasses many successes including Black History Month, Windrush, Crossing Borders and much more.

So far RCC delivered

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Youth Projects

RCC supports BAME youth and has a representative in the Welsh Youth Parliament. The charity also, manages various projects such as Crossing Borders: Music and Heritage and National BAME Youth Forum. 

Black History Wales

RCC is responsible for the management and execution of projects associated with Black History in Wales. Black History Month is the month in which African history and heritage is celebrated throughout the UK. Whereas, Black History Cymru 356 is a newly established project that aims to celebrate African history and heritage throughout the year in Wales.


Race Council Cymru engages with the Windrush Generation in Wales to support their activities, campaign for their rights and oppose any form of discrimination aimed towards them.

Cultural and Digital Hubs

RCC facilitates the establishment of cultural and digital hubs across Wales to encourage integration and support BAME communities.

Hate Crime Projects

Hate Crime is an initiative to combat harassment, abuse, violence and hatred towards ethnic minority groups and individuals in Wales.

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