Working together to promote race equality, integration and justice in Wales

About Us

The Race Council Cymru (RCC) is the overarching umbrella body established by ethnic minority grassroots communities in Wales to bring key organisations together to combat racial prejudice, race discrimination, harassment, victimisation, abuse and violence.

Since its establishment in 2010, RCC represents and supports organisations and communities throughout Wales to effectively challenge racial inequality, prejudice and discrimination.

Who We Work With

We work in partnership with our Primary Stakeholders and other appropriate bodies to promote integration, champion justice and racial equality in our institutions and society.

As a strategic umbrella body, RCC creates projects, activities and events and links them with strategic bodies including the Welsh Government and others, as well as grassroots Black and minority ethnic communities across Wales.


  • United Nations
  • Commonwealth
  • Welsh Government
  • Local Authorities
  • Museums in Wales
  • Policing Sector
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

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How We Deliver

Stakeholders Forum

To set up and facilitate a Primary Stakeholders Forum in Wales which will be made up of key national organisations working towards the elimination of discrimination, inequalities and promotion of integration, justice and equality for people from diverse minority ethnic backgrounds.

Promoting Ethnic Minority Art, Culture and Heritage

To recognise the considerable contribution black and ethnic minority people have made to the development of Wales, Celebrating the vibrant black and ethnic minority contribution through Art, Culture and Heritage activities across Wales. This will help with raising awareness and challenging racism, which is every citizens responsibility. see our Black History Month website for info.

Promote Equality

We work towards the elimination of racial discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and good race relations between people from different racial backgrounds.


We monitor the workings of the Equality Act 2010 as relating to integration, race equality and justice to make recommendations for its improvement as appropriate.

Facilitate Communication

RCC establishes and facilitates channels of communication with minority ethnic and grassroots communities throughout Wales in conjunction with and on behalf of Primary Stakeholders, Welsh Government, Local Authorities and other such bodies

Coordinate Integration

We coordinate sector-wide integration, race equality and justice related responses to Government (including the United Nations and European bodies as appropriate) and other Authorities, policies, strategies, measures and initiatives that impact the lives of minority ethnic communities.

Annual Benchmarking

We have established the Race Charter Mark in Wales, an annual benchmarking exercise that will rank and publicise the best employers for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people in Wales.


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