Newport Multicultural Hub

Newport Cultural Hub is being established by RCC where 21 minority ethnic communities from Newport can work together towards similar goals.


The Newport Hub was formed initially in 2019 when grassroots BAME community groups approached Race Council Cymru for ongoing support, on the closure of SEWREC (South East Wales Race Equality Council) towards the end of 2018.  This closure had left a hug gap in provision and community groups were in need of urgent support and resources.  Race Council Cymru met with community leaders and together they formed the Newport Cultural HUB and are now working closely with Newport Council to source a new home in a central location that would allow the grassroots communities to work alongside each other, sharing expertise, information and resources.

We are delighted to be working with our Gwent regional RCC lead Robert Muza and all the HUB partners to secure a new home and resources for Gwent based BAME communities.

Current Newport Community Hub Partners

  • Newport Yemini Community Association
  • New Dimensions Faith Fellowship
  • Newport Sudanese Community Association
  • Newport Senegambia Association
  • ….
IMG 7489
Uzo Iwobi and community leaders at the meeting in Newport Council

Meeting at the Newport Council

First meeting with the community leaders

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