Crossing Borders: Music & Heritage Project

Miss Ify Iwobi is the Founder of Crossing Borders Music and Heritage. She continues to work with the young people even after the funding ended.


Crossing Borders is a Heritage Lottery Funded Project which focuses on young ethnic minority musicians and dancers, seeing how their heritage affects their music and dance work.

Crossing Borders, Music and Heritage” Project, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund focuses on young ethnic minority musicians and dancers in Wales. The focus is on individuals from different backgrounds and we wanted to find out the features of their culture. We wanted to take it a step further, now that we have found out all about the Participant’s background, can this impact on cognitive skills such as music or dance? Can those experiences be translated through the arts for example?

Each person’s experience is unique to them, which means the way they play an instrument for example is individualistic and that is special. Combining such people together means they appreciate the other and their skills. This is diversity, which is “understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising our individual differences.”

The Project has helped Participants to enhance their skillset, and learn music and dance. They have explored the meaning of heritage and culture, and learnt about their identity. They have met others who have their own unique cultural features and skills, in turn, have learnt to appreciate diversity in the community. Participants have had the opportunity to perform at Wales Millennium Centre, Royal Welsh College Of Music and Drama and Senedd for example.

Partners involved in the Project include Swansea Museum, African Community Centre, YMCA Swansea and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Ify Iwobi



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South Wales Police Youth Project

Youth from the Crossing Borders Project participate in the Police Youth Volunteer Programme to develop their skills.

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