Welsh Youth Parliament

RCC has a representative in the Welsh Youth Parliament to ensure that the voices of young BAME individuals are heard and included in Welsh politics.

“If young people want change, then they need to take action-that is what the Youth Parliament is for”

Angel Ezeadum


Angel Ezeadum is the Youth Parliament member for Race Council Cymru and a member of the UK Youth Parliament representing Cardiff. Her role involves working with MPs and AMs in their work especially concerning the youth. As a WYPM Angel aims to empower Wales’ young people to identify, raise awareness of and debate the important issues to them. Also, represent their views, and most importantly act on the issues that matter to them. And finally, work with young people in Wales, sharing the work that we’re doing with the issues they have raised.

Angel had the opportunity to be a panelist for Chwarae Teg at Gwlad, performed a 90 Second Statement on the subject of Black History Month and conducted interviews with ITV and BBC Wales. She also had the chance to collaborate with Citizen Wales, Cardiff Youth Council and AMs such as Andrew RT Davies and Jenny Rathbone.

The purpose of being involved in the youth parliament for Angel is to represent the voices of minorities across the nation. The Youth Parliament gives young people the chance to talk about the things they want and need, raising the issues that matter to them that are often overlooked by adults.┬áThe Welsh Youth Parliament is a platform to amplify young people’s voice for their future. As their voice matters. If young people want change, then they need to take action-that is what the Youth Parliament is for.

Angel Ezeadum

“Today, too many black school children, including myself are victims of a lack of black history in the school’s curriculum. Too often student’s first exposure to black history occurs through the study of slavery. Too often, Africans are portrayed in schools as savage, barbaric people.”

Angel Ezeadum

Angel representing RCC at the Welsh Youth Parliament addressing the importance of Black History Month.

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