Black Lives Matter Wales

Black Lives Matter Wales

Black Lives Matter Wales Black Lives Matter Wales Do you want to join me in making a difference? We are raising money in aid of RACE COUNCIL CYMRU’s BLM Wales campaign group and every donation will help. To donate please click here: Black Lives Matter Wales Thank you in advance for your contribution to this…

first minister of wales mark drakeford am endorses black history in wales

First Minister Of Wales Mark Drakeford AM Endorses Black History Month Wales 2019

As First Minister of Wales, I am delighted to support Black History Month Wales 2019 on its 12th anniversary. I want to thank Race Council Cymru and all the organisations involved in arranging these commemorative events. These give us an opportunity to shine a light on the culture, identity and contributions of our communities. As a nation, Wales is proud of the diversity of its communities, is grateful for the contributions of so many and is confident that together the legacies of past generations will play a key role in shaping its future.

First Waves Parliamentary Project

First Waves Parliamentary Project   UK Parliament artist to create artworks with residents in Wales to explore impact of race relations laws. Artist Scarlett Crawford has been appointed by the UK Parliament for a new project entitled First Waves: Exploring the impact of race relations legislation in the UK. Over the course of her residency, Scarlett…