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Swansea College of Art, UWTSD Photography Department Student  Internship Antonia Osuji with Race Council Cymru supported by RIES.tonia Osuji on her internship with Race Council Cymru

Congratulations to Antonia Osuji on her internship with Race Council Cymru! Here she is pictured in front of her portraits of participants from the Crossing Borders project 👏 @rcccymru  @rcccrossingborders @ffoto_swansea


RCC Crossing Borders, Music and Heritage Heritage Lottery Funded Project portraits of participants

Congratulations to Antonia Osuji UWTSD  Student on her internship with Race Council Cymru

The Project focuses on young ethnic minority musicians and dancers, seeing if their heritage affects their music or dance work. Musicians have weekly sessions where they compose their own works, and dancers learn set routines. Follow us now!


Third year Photojournalism & Documentary Photography student Antonia Osuji has been selected for the opportunity to support Race Council Cymru’s project: Windrush Cymru – Our Voices, Our Stories, Our History.

Over a period of six months, Antonia worked primarily through the medium of photography to document the stories and cultural heritage of the Windrush Generation in Wales, as well as the youth groups taking part in the Crossing Borders project.


A bursary of £1,000 will be provided to support the process.


Antonia said: “I was really happy to have been chosen for the internship with Race Council Cymru. They work incredibly hard to promote and help ethnic minority groups across Wales which is something I also feel very passionate about, so to be given the chance to contribute and work alongside RCC is a great opportunity and one I’m very proud of.”

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Photo Credit: Antonia Osuji and Ffoto Swansea