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Coronavirus: resources for people with a learning disability

Learning Disability Wales has gathered together the latest useful resources about Coronavirus (COVID-19), including some good easy read guides, for people with a learning disability in Wales.


As the situation progresses they will be adding new information and advice on a daily basis. We are making sure the resources are up-to-date, and are displaying the date of the resource where they can.

Their coronavirus (COVID-19) resources page includes the following information, guidance, easy read materials and resources:

  • Learning Disability Wales and Welsh national disability organisations statements and updates;
  • Resource collections;
  • Easy read guides and advice;
  • Easy read posters;
  • Other guides and advice;
  • Videos;
  • Children and families;
  • Easy read guides to social distancing and self-isolation;
  • Social distancing and self-isolation – other guides and advice;
  • Recommended government, public services and media updates;
  • Helplines

For further details contact Learning Disability Wales, T: 029 2068 1160 or E: [email protected]