coronavirusCOVID-19First Minister Mark Drakefordfirst minister mark drakeford sets out position in wales ahead of lockdown review tomorrow

First Minister, Mark Drakeford, sets out position in Wales ahead of lockdown review tomorrow

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Noswaith dda.

I am speaking to you today after the Welsh Government has carried out the third review of the coronavirus regulations, as we are required to do every 21 days.


I will be setting out the changes we will be making to the rules tomorrow.

In reviewing the regulations, we have considered the latest evidence from SAGE and the advice of the Chief Medical Officer for Wales.


We have looked at how the virus is behaving in Wales, at the rate of transmission – which is known as the R rate – at the capacity in the NHS and social care and at the impact of the small changes we have made to date.


We have also looked at the impact the stay-at-home rules have had on the virus since they were introduced in March.


We know that the efforts of everyone in Wales has helped to slow the spread of coronavirus and ultimately to protect lives.


Thank you for your ongoing help and support and for all the sacrifices you have made.

I know being separated from family and friends is difficult.


During this review we have been looking at how we can do this once more, in a very careful and cautious way, without increasing the risk of the virus spreading.


Today, the Prime Minister has set out the latest changes to the coronavirus regulations in England.

In Scotland, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has done the same.


I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow and sharing the results of our review.