Professor Terry Threadgold, FLSW

Board Member
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Professor Terry Threadgold is a distinguished academic advocating for equity and diversity. Elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales in 2015, she has been a vital member of its Council since 2016, contributing significantly to its efforts in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Her academic journey began at the University of Sydney, where she was honoured with the University Medal for her Master’s Honours Research Thesis. She furthered her academic pursuits with a PhD from Monash University. Professor Threadgold’s career in academia includes significant roles such as the Pro Vice-Chancellor at Cardiff University, where she actively led initiatives on equality and diversity, contributing to the university’s success in these areas.

As an internationally recognised feminist scholar, her research has profoundly influenced perspectives on gender, race, and identity. She has been an integral part of numerous editorial boards. She has played a critical role in shaping policies through her research on media representation, asylum, and social cohesion in South Wales.

In her role at Cardiff University, Professor Threadgold managed extensive budgets, human resources, and governance, ensuring financial and academic viability. Her leadership extended to the Welsh Refugee Council, where she was a trustee.

As a trustee of the Race Council Cymru, Professor Threadgold brings her vast experience and commitment to promoting racial equality and integration. Her post-retirement years have been marked by significant contributions as a consultant and mentor to academic and ethnic minority communities in the UK, Australia, and Ireland.

As we welcome Professor Threadgold to the board of Race Council Cymru, we anticipate her invaluable insights and guidance in our continuous endeavour to champion justice and racial equality across Wales.



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