Hanna Muhammd

Race Council Cymru Youth Parliament Member
hanna muhammd the new youth representative to the welsh governmentat race council cymru

Hanna Mahamed, a dedicated Youth Parliament member representing Race Council Cymru, is currently pursuing a degree in neuroscience at Cardiff University. In her role, she collaborates closely with Members of Parliament (MPs) and Assembly Members (AMs) whilst also regularly meeting with other Welsh Youth Parliament Members (WYPM) to address youth-related issues, especially those surrounding race and identity.

Her mission is to empower the youth in Wales by enabling them to identify, raise awareness about, and engage in meaningful discussions regarding the pressing challenges they face. Hanna is resolute in her commitment to being their advocate and taking decisive actions on issues of paramount importance to them.

Hanna’s active engagement extends to being a prominent panellist for Somaliland Heritage Day events at both Grangetown Pavilion and St Fagan’s. Her voice has also reached a broader audience through interviews conducted with renowned news outlets like ITV and BBC News. Additionally, Hanna has had the privilege of meeting esteemed figures such as the Prince of Wales, Prince William.

At the core of Hanna’s involvement in the Youth Parliament is her unwavering dedication to representing the voices of minorities across the nation. She firmly believes that the Youth Parliament provides a crucial platform for young people to articulate their aspirations and necessities, spotlighting issues often overlooked by adults.

The Welsh Youth Parliament, in her eyes, stands as a powerful means for amplifying the voices of the youth and shaping the trajectory of their future, with a profound appreciation for the importance of their unique perspectives. To Hanna, the Youth Parliament serves as a rallying cry for young people to be catalysts of change, ensuring their voices resonate and influence decision- making processes.

Hanna’s aspirations go beyond her current role; she hopes to inspire other young people by demonstrating that change is possible. She firmly believes that her journey can serve as a beacon, showing them that they too can make a difference. Hanna is determined to pave the way for others, ensuring that their voices are heard and their potential realised.

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