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Dr Has Shah BEM

Board Member

Dr. Hasmukh Shah, a south Wales GP, has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list with the award of a British Empire Medal.

He has worked in the NHS for nearly 43 years and has devoted his life to improving the health of a significantly deprived area of Wales.

However, it is his passion for community and charitable work that was recognised in the Honours List.

A fundraising board member of the Vale for Africa charity, Dr. Shah’s great strength has been to organise and support fundraising events and partnership projects such as Eye Care (teams from Wales visiting Tororo to train and treat thousands of people over the last four years).

In addition, he has raised funds for motorcycle ambulances, a resource centre/library and student scholarship at Atlantic College and piped water for primary schools in a rural community.

Dr. Shah is a trustee of Sanatan Dharma Mandal and Community Centre Cardiff, Welsh Hearts, Race Council Cymru and The Mentor Ring. He also chairs MEGAFOCUS group (Minor Ethnic Association for Ophthalmic Care) in Wales Government, is the honorary secretary of British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin which has contributed tremendously to the recruitment, retention, and training of overseas trained doctors providing vital services to the NHS in Wales.

His charity efforts do not stop at the UK but also extend to overseas causes, raising funds for school projects in India and an orphan project in Africa.

Dr. Shah was awarded Visiting Fellowship by the University of South Wales in 2017 for his longstanding medical professional work, education and charitable work to people of Wales.