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Race Council Cymru In Partnership with BAWSO And WELSH REFUGEE COUNCIL Will be overseeing and delivering funds of £254,000 through a new grants programme on behalf of Comic Relief (co financed by The Clothworker’s Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation) and National Emergencies Trust who are committed to making funds available to Black Asian and Minority Ethnic community organisation in Wales that are supporting higher risk individuals impacted by Covid-19 and the accompanying restictions.

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Application form and guidance notes are available below:

Download GLOBAL MAJORITY FUND Application Guide

Deadline for applications

5pm on Friday 23 April 2021

You can apply for a small, medium, or large grant.

  • Small grants are up to £2,000.
  • Medium grants are from £2,001 to £10,000.
  • Large grants are from £10,001 to £20,000.

During the life of your grant the Partnership will provide ongoing package of support which includes:

  • Discussing any queries regarding your grant during the funding period. We will keep you notified of any additional support we are able to offer including learning webinars and opportunities to connect with other Black Asian and Minority Ethnic organisations that are in receipt of a grant.
  • Opportunities for grant recipients to share experiences and learning and to utilise information gathered on COVID 19 emergency planning measures.

If you are successful you will be required to sign a contract for the delivery of the agreed project and to provide progress reports together with evidence of expenditure.

The purposes for which grant applications will be made are expected to be very diverse as each will meet very particular organisational and support needs arising from the impact of COVID-19. Accordingly, there are no rigid criteria for what you can apply for beyond meeting the requirements made of your organisation and the needs of members of the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic community you support arising from the impact of COVID-19.

Priority will be given to the provision of services to members of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities who are at high risk. For example, those experiencing structural racism and racial inequality, those who are self isolating, those facing financial hardship and food poverty, those who require emotional support to overcome challenges to their mental health, those who are already subject to hostile environments, and those least able to cope with the persistent consequences of COVID-19.

Applications are particularly invited from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic led organisations supporting individuals facing domestic and other forms of abuse and violence, older people who for medical or other reasons must shield and are isolated, asylum seekers, refugees, and undocumented migrants, those who have no recourse to public funds, and families and single parents struggling to provide home schooling.

Project funding must in most part be for direct support to beneficiaries, but funding can also be provided for project co-ordination, basic volunteer expenses and equipment and remote working requirements.

The Global Majority Fund Partnership recognises that the impact of COVID-19 is continuing longer than anyone anticipated and that support for many months to come will need to be remote rather than provided through gatherings inside buildings or even outside. Applications need to take this into account.

Funds are available for revenue and capital costs. You can apply for one grant only and your project must be finalised, and the grant spent, and expenditure accounted for as soon as possible and by March 31, 2022.

You must be a Black Asian and Minority Ethnic -led organisation. This is defined as governed and managed by a majority of Trustees and staff from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. You do not have to be a Registered Charity, but your purposes and activities must be charitable and legal, and you must have a written governing document such as a constitution or set of rules.

You will need to show that you have been active in the past and that you have recent records of Board or management group meetings.

You will need to show that you already have an active bank account in the name of your organization, and you will be required to provide copies of recent bank statements as well as financial procedures.

You will need to show that you have an up-to-date Equal Opportunities policy and the Safeguarding policies relevant to your activities.

  • expenditure and costs already incurred.
  • One –off conferences and workshops.
  • The delivery of services that can be regarded as normally government’s responsibility.
  • Activities which evangelise (the practice of preaching or spreading religious. beliefs) or proselytise (the practice of trying to convert people to one’s own belief or religious views).
  • Organisations which adopt a partisan political stance or activities which are party political or advocate the use of violence to campaign or influence public opinion.
  • General appeals, individual and group sponsorship, marketing appeals, proposals for bursaries from individuals or proposals from individuals for the funding of study or attainment of qualifications.

All information provided that identifies your group in applying for a grant will be held in the strictest confidence by the Partnership and Comic Relief and will not be made available to any other party.

Need to contact Grant Team?
you can email us at:
0800 048 5770

Deciding on your application.

Fund opens

Monday 15th March 8:00am

Closing date for applications

Friday 23rd April 5:00pm


Friday 26th March 3pm to 5:30pm

Friday 9th April 11am to 12:30pm

To register for the Webinars simply send an email to [email protected] requesting to be registered for the webinar. The email should state the name, contact number, group/ charity being represented and the webinar you are registering to attend.

Notification of outcome applicants

Week commencing 7th June 2021

Our Funders

These funds have been provided by Comic Relief with The National Emergencies Trust, The Clothworker’s Foundation and Esmeė Fairbairn Foundation.

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